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Brother and tóta inspires Kanien’kéha fluency

Enhakanhoton Norton’s interest in the Ratiwennahní:rats program was piqued by his brother, who graduated two years prior. The brothers are following their grandmother Helen Norton’s example in embracing the journey towards Kanien’kéha fluency. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Helen Norton’s example as a fluent Kanien’kéha speaker continues to inspire her grandchildren

For tóta, herself, and for future generations

Kwahará:ni Jacobs described her two-year journey learning Kanien’kéha as the best school experience she has ever had, and something that changed her life for the better. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Easter Door) Ask Kwahará:ni Jacobs the value in taking the two-year Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program, and the response comes quick. “Ratiwennahní:rats

One simple truth when learning Kanien’kéha: try!

Twenty-year-old Paxton Kahentaié:sen Phillips is sad to see her two-year program comes to a close, and worried about keeping intact the hard work she put in. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) With two months left in the Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program, Paxton Kahentaié:sen Phillips had a simple answer when The