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Food sovereignty via aquaponics

(COURTESY EAU (URBAN FOOD ECOSYSTEMS)) Last week, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK) announced that it would be starting a consultation process for a potential aquaponic food project, as part of the movement towards food sovereignty. On June 17, the MCK signed a project contract to create a business plan with Urban

Housing investigation continues

(File Photos) After handing over the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK) Housing file to the crown prosecutor last September, the Kahnawake Peacekeepers recently partnered up with UPAC (Permanent Anticorruption Unit) to continue working on the file. UPAC is a provincial agency that specializes in cases related to corruption, collusion and other economic

An archeological dig without consent

A view from Kanehsatá:ke Kana:tákon, otherwise known as the village of Oka. (Courtesy Teiawenniserate Tomlinson) Editor's Note- This article was published last week, since then the dig has been postponed.  The Municipality of Oka announced that there would be archeological inventory work from next Tuesday, June 30 to Thursday, July 2 in

Wendy and her crazy antics return

(Courtesy Dana Marquis)   Wendy, that hard-drinking, over-thinking, introverted slacker who is perpetually hung-over is baaaaaaack! All 273 pages of her; 275 if you count the last two totally dark ones, which you probably should, since, you know, she’s pretty dark. Reviewing books in a community newspaper can be serious work, but when Kahnawa’kehró:non

Healing himself through our language

(COURTESY QUEENIE MCCOMBER) Sahawisóko Arquette went through some hardships that ultimately led to serious addiction a few years ago. “In high school, I found myself abusing substances,” said Arquette. “And then I stopped because of something that happened to me. It didn’t go well for me doing that. After that, I reflected,

NASCAR vehicle gets Warrior flag treatment

Chad Finchum of NASCAR, driving the #13 car being sponsored by local Kahnawake business Mohawk Market. (Courtesy Derek White) A piece of Mohawk decor was on NASCAR driver Chad Finchum’s car at Unhinged 500 in the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama on Saturday. The Mohawk Warrior Society flag on NASCAR driver Chad

Graduation during a pandemic

(Marisela Amador The Eastern Door) The class of 2020 had a grad experience like no other. After schools in the province shutdown, no one knew what was going to happen to graduation ceremonies or whether they would even have one. But finally, in early June, after weeks of anticipation, the Kahnawake Education Center

Social distance dancing for the elders

(Chloe Emond-Lane The Eastern Door) A small powwow took place at the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre on Saturday, to help lift the elders’ spirits after being isolated for close to three months now. Senior patients and residents were able to watch the performances through the hospital windows while their loved ones gathered

Going back to the roots

(Marisela Amador The Eastern Door) Every day at around 6:30 a.m., Ruth Jacobs goes outside in her backyard and waters her garden. Jacobs has tomatoes, squash, cucumber, pumpkin and watermelon planted in her garden in Kahnawake. “My father, my uncle, my brother, my whole family had a garden,” Jacobs said. “I used to