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Frustration mounts as brush fires rampant

A brush fire on Highway 132 last Thursday near Survival School was the just one of many this spring emergency services are growing increasingly frustrated with. (Tehosterihens Deer, The Eastern Door) Since April 22, Kahnawake Fire Brigade emergency responders have been forced to seven wild fires. Brigade chief David Scott has

Residency hearings concluded, registrar coming

Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer explained that though there was a very poor turnout, the amendment to the Residency Law would go on to the next stage of the expedited process. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) The Kahnawà:ke Residency Law is all but in the books, as the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake held

White beats Quebec tax charge, ready for constitutional challenge

Derek White was acquitted of defrauding the Quebec government of taxes, but guilty of breaking the Exise Tax Act. A constitutional challenge in January will appeal that charge. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) This story is updated from the one printed in today's Eastern Door (vol. 28 no. 19), as

Whitebean pleads guilty, ends Project Malbac case

Robert Whitebean’s long journey through the court system as part of Project Malbec ended Friday with a guilty plea, fine and some community service. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) After almost four years of court dates, hearings and stress after being arrested, Robert Whitebean pleaded guilty in a Longueuil courtroom

Lifeline tossed in flood zone, as waters rise

Julie Gaspé looks at what was her yard, and now is completely submerged. The only way to leave her property is via a small path in the back yard. (Natalia Fedosieiva, The Eastern Door) Montreal authorities declared a state of emergency last Friday, as the number of flooded homes on the

Cultural Awareness Month ends in rain and song

The mini sing at Kahnawake Survival School capped Cultural Awareness Month bringing busloads of students, staff and parents to the school's gym for a social with song. Karonhianónhnha hosted its annual display of art courtesy of the talented students, who embraced Cultural Awareness Month once again. (Tehosterihens Deer, The Eastern Door) The

Little rascals recall hell-raising days

From left to right top row are Mitchell Dell, Herbie Lahache, Tommy Stacey, Donny Delormier, Francis Jacobs and Roy Jacobs. In the middle section are Paul Montour, the unknown teacher’s son, Lionel Deer, Martin Morris, Clifford Rice and Tommy Jacobs. On the bottom row is Harry Snow, Alan Paul, Peter

Council clarifies Indian Day School deadline

Today's May 3 deadline is only for those wanting to forward their support or objection to the claim, and does not effect anyone's desire to apply for compensation for abuses suffered under any Indian Day School. (Courtesy Mohawk Council of Kahnawake) Mohawk Council of Kahnawake technicians Katsistohwi:io Jacco and Denis Diabo

Housing bill shoots to $695K missing from books

Kim Diabo, Tammy Whitebean and Rickey Diabo are holding their receipts and continue to wait for their case to be settled, as the Housing Department investigation found that almost $700,000 is missing from its books. (file photo) The final housing assessment report was released last Friday with many community members asking

White worried about tobacco industry’s future

Derek White (left) has been listening to testimony for two weeks as the local businessman stands accused of fraud and gangsterism (along with Hunter Montour), and is concerned with the overwhelming prevalence of undercover agents throughout the industry. The fraud trial against local men Derek White and Hunter Montour wrapped its