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Guide wants full history of city during tours

Tour guide and history teacher Donovan King explaining the history of Montreal and Mohawk Territory, as he attempts to breath the modern air of reconciliation into an industry often trapped in the colonial past. (Courtesy Donovan King) The city of Montreal sits on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, on

Family man and fighter for the average Joe passes

Kahnawake was shocked and saddened to hear the news that long-serving Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chief Martin Leborgne passed away Tuesday night, leaving a large void for those who knew him. (Courtesy the Leborgne family) Tuesday night, news spread that former Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chief Martin Leborgne had died. Leborgne fell

The long trail from seed to weed to market

James Stacey and Thomas Lahache are at the forefront of cannabis production in Quebec, and hope to bring their knowledge home to Kahnawake, and help develop the community's cannabis industry. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) If all goes to plan, the RoyalMax Biotechnology and Sublime Culture medical marijuana facility will

Revealing identity the long way through adoption

Singer/sonwriter Tom Wilson has been on a six-year journey of discovery after he found out about his Kanien'kehá:ka roots in Kahnawake. (Courtesy John Gilder) Whatever way an adoption story is told, there’s always the part with isolation and heartbreak, and then the searching, finding and acceptance. Being a part of a

Iroquois village dug up downtown on Peel Street

Montreal archaeologists dug only 60 centimetres below the asphalt before uncovering artifacts from a 14th century St. Lawrence Iroquoian village near Peel and Sherbrooke Street. (Courtesy Roland Tremblay) After 11 long months of digging, archaeologists from the private company Ethnoscop have publicly announced the discovery of thousands of fragmented artifacts of

Sok á:re tsoterátson tsi nitewawennò:ten

Tiorahkwáthe Gilbert was as passionate about Kanien’kéha as he was about sports like lacrosse. He worked tirelessly to promote the language wherever he went. (courtesy Dodie Gilbert) Kahnawake lost a first-language Kanien’kéha speaker, teacher, politician, coach and family man last week, when Tiorahkwáthe Gilbert passed away July 18. He was 68

McGill youth camp teaches teens to have fun with science

McGill University's Eagle Spirit Camp hosted by their Faculty of Medicine and organized by the Indigenous Health Professions program (IHPP) since 2017, inspire Indigenous youth in their future education. (Courtesy Philemon Beaudet) From learning how to suture a wound, to how to draw blood from a vein, to inserting an IV

Archaeology site brimming with ancient artifacts

Karonhianoron Curotte's been digging in the dirt on Ile St. Bernard looking for artifacts that will shed light on the history of the area. The team has found pieces ranging from broken glass to smoking pipes to ceramic objects. (Tehosterihens Deer, The Eastern Door) An archaeological team, which began digging in

First vet from Kahnawake taking on ticks in Texas

Dr. Roberta Duhaime taking a blood sample along with county supervisor Mario Morales from a nilgai antelope during the first Cooperative Aerial Nilgai Harvest, as teams in South Texas work to deal with a particularly pesky tick. (Courtesy Roberta Duhaime) Veterinarian and epidemiologist Roberta Duhaime’s advice for young people in the