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Active shooter training preps emergency crews

Members of the Kahnawake Peacekeepers and Kahnawake Fire Brigade responded to an “active shooter” with “casualties” Saturday morning at the fire hall. Dozens of officers and paramedics from the Kahnawake Peacekeepers and Kahnawake Fire Brigade (KFB) put their knowledge and skills to the test by responding to a mass casualty training

Brother and tóta inspires Kanien’kéha fluency

Enhakanhoton Norton’s interest in the Ratiwennahní:rats program was piqued by his brother, who graduated two years prior. The brothers are following their grandmother Helen Norton’s example in embracing the journey towards Kanien’kéha fluency. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Helen Norton’s example as a fluent Kanien’kéha speaker continues to inspire her grandchildren

One simple truth when learning Kanien’kéha: try!

Twenty-year-old Paxton Kahentaié:sen Phillips is sad to see her two-year program comes to a close, and worried about keeping intact the hard work she put in. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) With two months left in the Kanien’kéha Ratiwennahní:rats Adult Immersion Program, Paxton Kahentaié:sen Phillips had a simple answer when The

Cruisin’ the highway, hoping to ride the big bike

Mavis Jacobs (left) insists that her and her brother Melvin “Timber” (right) and cousin Rodney Jacobs (middle) were not up to no good as they cruised the Old Malone Highway on their bikes. Though older, Mavis for some reason did not get the bigger bike. (Courtesy Terri Thomas) Mavis Jacobs Thomas

Our History to US Patent Office to family biz

Martha “Maude” Katsitsienhawe Stacey (ne. Decaire) (left) has left the woods far behind at her son Joseph Walter Stacey and Tessie Laureen Phillips’ wedding in 1967. Irene (Rice) Phillips is on the right, and ring bearer Boy Marquis and flower girl Bernadine Diabo fill out the wedding party. (Courtesy Trina

Three decades doing dashing hairdos with love

Allison Diabo has a some advice for those opening a business if they want it to succeed: do what you love and keep your overhead low. She’s been doing what she loves for 30 years. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Debbie Delisle sat down Wednesday at the Kahkotsi:io Beauty Salon

From Onondaga to Geneva with love and respect

The meeting between the Haudenosaunee delegation from 1977, and the mayor of Geneva Claude Ketterer is an example of the positive relationship between the Swiss city and the confederacy. The Haudenosaunee delegation is (from left to right) Loran Thompson (Akwesasne), Leo Henry (Tuscarora), Oren Lyons (Onondaga), Tadodaho Leon Shenandoah, Bruce

Shooting a slap shot in focus

One of the hardest pics to get is an action shot in a winter scene with the mass amounts of white and movement, making almost every shot blurry or overexposed. With care and a proper camera, however, those pics can go from the trash can to the mantle. (Photos courtesy

A guide to capturing a winter wonderland

Photographer Ben Louwerse’s stellar cowboy shot is an example of how to do it right. (Courtesy Ben Louwerse) They are some of the most fantastic images captured on camera, but they are also some of the most difficult to capture; they are the winter shots. Ben Louwerse is a photographer gifted with

No matter the size of the town, go all in with glam

Karihwenhawi Kirby shows how to exit a pickup truck in spectacular style, as it should be. (Photos by Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) One would presume the peacock with the prettiest feathers is a lady. After all, their plumage has all the flounce and sparkle of a Dior gown embroidered with glass