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For the love of horses and westerns

These pictures highlight the love that James Kane had for horses and everything western. (Courtesy Helen Kane Ross) This week’s Blast from the Past is an interesting one. On Tuesday afternoon, Helen Kane Ross contacted The Eastern Door about a photo plaque that she found hidden in the ceiling of her

Teenage photographer hears call of drums

An aspiring teenager from Verdun, Felicity Hamer took the bus across the bridge in the mid-‘90s for her first look at an Onkwehón:we powwow a half-decade after Kahnawake began hosting the event. (Courtesy Felicity Hamer) Felicity Hamer grew up across the river from Kahnawake, but had never crossed the river to

Little rascals recall hell-raising days

From left to right top row are Mitchell Dell, Herbie Lahache, Tommy Stacey, Donny Delormier, Francis Jacobs and Roy Jacobs. In the middle section are Paul Montour, the unknown teacher’s son, Lionel Deer, Martin Morris, Clifford Rice and Tommy Jacobs. On the bottom row is Harry Snow, Alan Paul, Peter

Stepping back into a time long gone

Very few people are still around who remember times like this, when Kahnawake was a different place in a bygone era. (Photo Courtesy Towanna Miller-Johnson)   Home is where the heart is, a place where you feel welcomed and loved. That’s what Kahnawake is supposed to be. It’s a place where friends,

Back when “Redmen” meant one clear thing

In 1936, the title “Half-time show by Montreal area Scouts at McGill stadium,” appears above this photo, which was captioned, “Half-time break during a football game at Percival Molson Stadium, McGill University, Montreal. Scouts are disguised as Native Americans wearing plumes.” (Courtesy National Archives of Quebec) Eric Pouliot-Thisdale Special to the Eastern

A double wedding and milestone anniversary

(Left to right) Donald Jocks, Olive Day, Duckie Jocks, Johnny Jocks, Big Six, Jeanne Jocks, Pauline Stacey, Pat Stacey and Evelyn Montour Cook celebrating a double wedding and 25th wedding anniversary. (Courtesy Christine Stacey) “You know, if we don’t get these names written down, they are going to get lost,” said

WWII veteran Herbert Rice’s post-war trauma

Like many men during his time, Herby Rice went off to war to never return the same again. (Courtesy Christine Stacey) This week’s Blast from the Past is one of the only photographs Christine Stacey has of her uncle Herbert Rice. Looking handsome in his military uniform and lopsided cap, Rice is

Back to the stone (house) age

Paul and Konwakeri (Margaret) Paul stand before their stone house on the River Road with their oldest son Peter and Konwakeri’s father Jacques Phillips. (Courtesy Mary Paul) The First World War had yet to be waged, farmland was the primary type of property in the community, and a small but soon to