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Exploring the sacred land for identity in Six Nations

How do you get from the Creation Story to modern land grievances in Six Nations? One way is by exploring the community’s relationship to the land, and going from there. For those looking for a book to read during Cultural Awareness Month, Susan M. Hill’s recently published The Clay We Are

Put down that pizza and poutine and peruse

Richard Tardif bings his skill as a fitness guru and a journalist to the pages of a new self-published book. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) You’re watching your steps. You’re not eating bread because the staple food since the beginning of time is bad for you. You’re not drinking milk,

Skindigenous takes tour of global ink world

Jay Soule plies his trade in Toronto, as the importance of authentic tattoo artists grows for those wanting to connect with culture through the age-old tradition. (Courtesy Nish Media) From that regrettable mark of an ex’s name to a valuable symbol of your heritage, skin art runs the gamut. APTN’s Skindigenous is

Re-telling un-ceded territory’s story on film

Wahiakeron Gilbert’s performance as Chief Tannawake is one of the many fine bits of acting that perhaps could have used more screen time. (Courtesy Sophie Bilodeau, Films Seville) It’s a phrase heard at almost ever presentation, lecture, workshop, book signing and official function in Montreal: “we’d like to acknowledge that we

Girls get chance for empowerment and to rock!

Some of the participants that took part in Rock Camp For Girls Montreal's annual camp this past summer. (Courtesy Rock Camp For Girls) Want to be a rock star? Native Montreal and Rock Camp For Girls is partnering to host a series of workshops starting at the beginning of February aimed teaching

Vermette’s graphic storytelling shows promise

Katherena Vermette’s prowess for storytelling continues to grow with her first venture into comics that blends her ability to dredge the urban landscape, while taking readers on a historic journey. (Courtesy Portage and Main Press) If you have not heard of Katherena Vermette yet and consider yourself a reader, please don’t

La Duchess makes top 50 performers in world

Lauren Jiles said she sometimes cannot believe what her body does on stage when she performs as the Duchess de Riére, which she’ll be doing this weekend in Dallas and next weekend in Montreal. (Photos courtesy Lou Lou La Duchess de Riére) Those lucky devils hitting up the House of Blues in

#NotYourPrincess not to miss addition to your shelf

Karlene Harvey's rendition of Jessica Deer is one of the many quality pieces of artwork throughout the #NotYourPrincess anthology. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) #NotYourPrincess (Annick Press) asks a simple question: what is it like to be an Onkwehón:we woman or girl today? It’s the kind of book The Eastern Door

Take the plunge, read a poem, go on a journey

Part of the joy of reviewing books for The Eastern Door is getting a wide variety of things to read in different genres. They send them, we read them. This publication has reviewed books of fiction, political science, history, anthropology, and, at times, poetry. We look at two collections of poems this week,

Two films draw historical, physical trauma

From left to right, directors Roxann Whitebean and Courtney Montour debuted two short films at Black Bridge Brewing Co. in Kahnawake Wednesday, which included rising acting stars Keena and Thunderblanket Kitigan Zibi actress Shaynah Decontie. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) One film depicted the trauma caused to a community by an incision through the centre and soul of its village, while the other showed the physical and emotional pain caused by cancer. Flat Rocks, directed by Courtney Montour, and Roxann Whitebean’s The Paradigm debuted at