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Iroquois Nationals still a work in progress

The Creator's Game is more than just a sport for the Haudenosaunee, who know what it means to compete under their own flag and with their own passports. (Courtesy Tracy Rector) After a delay due to proudly using their own passports, the Iroquois Nationals finally made it to the big dance

Horn releases statement on housing investigation

Mohawk Council of Kahnawake executive financial officer Paul Rice (left with council grand chief Joe Norton) has promised to update the community on the investigation into the housing department, as it continues. (file photo) Leah Horn, former social housing administrator who was fired last week, didn’t want to sit idly by

Cross denied election appeal for blood quantum

Bronson Cross's blood quantum was below the bar, and he was denied an appeal to run for Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chief. Cross is disappointed, but accepts the judgement. In the end, Bronson Cross was deemed to be 46.88 percent Kanien’kehá:ka, which wasn’t good enough to run for Mohawk Council of

Different kind of eviction letters sent

  Steve Bonspiel The Eastern Door This story was our front page from last week. A new story on this subject will be published tonight via online subscription and tomorrow morning (Friday) in print. Faced with a letter demanding $5,105 and a threat of eviction, Tammy Whitebean and Rickey Diabo knew they had to

Kyle Diabo ready to pump himself up in Montreal

Even a last-place finish wasn’t enough to deter Kyle Diabo. (Courtesy Kyle Diabo) Looking to avenge his last-place finish at his first bodybuilding event last October, Kyle Diabo is going all out. What does that mean, exactly? “It requires a lot of discipline to keep to a program of weight lifting and dieting,”

Gilbert goes from law to school to lawyer to judge

Kaniatariio Gilbert is the new chief judge of the Hualapai Tribe’s Tribal Court. (Courtesy Kaniatariio Gilbert) Kaniatari:io Jesse Gilbert is no stranger to the courtroom, but recent good news means he will no longer have to say “your honour,” but instead will be using that prestigious title. As the new chief judge of

Montour opens up on walking off hospital job

The former in-patient wing of the Kateri Memorial Hospital Center was demolished in December 2016. (Courtesy Luke McGregor,Kateri Memorial Hospital Center) Community members wondered what happened after Chris Montour Construction walked off the Kateri Memorial Hospital Center (KMHC) job on December 5, 2017. A series of things, he told The Eastern Door,

Caring for dogs means respecting personalities

Chili, Caic, and Scarlet. (Photos by Steve Bonspiel, The Eastern Door) People discuss the issue of loose dogs with much fervor and anger – and it’s good to talk about it in a respectful way that makes the community safer. Some will dig in and vow to never tie their beloved pet

Alcoholic’s Daughter, a rocky roller coaster ride

If you pick up David Sherman’s book and you happen to know him personally, even just a little bit, you can’t help but read the Alcoholic’s Daughter like it was his personal memoir, with the base, of course, strong fiction writing. How much of it was pure truth, smattered with colour