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Chief resigns amid DUI charges

 (File Photo) Mohawk Council chief Carl Horn faced mounting pressure after his second known drunk driving charge in late August, and decided to call it quits yesterday (September 19). The Eastern Door broke the story of his appearance in Valleyfield Court August 20, where he faced three separate charges. “Carl Horn…… did operate

A few surprises at Akwesasne Powwow

A trio of local girls impressed in Akwesasne last weekend, taking home two seconds and a third while strutting their stuff for all to see. (Courtesy AndreJIPhotography and Caralee Montour)   Ie’nahkwenhá:wi Rice wasn’t going to let a little thing like a broken arm stop her from dancing. Luckily for her competition in

Morris looks forward to sophomore season at Dawson

Kyla Morris is looking forward to an awesome second year with the Blues. (Courtesy Kyla Morris) Last year, Kyla Morris was a raw rookie with the Dawson Blues. This year? Higher expectations: from herself and her coach. “I think I’m looking forward to actually playing a lot more and not being a

Arson suspected in truck fire

An early morning fire left Garyjace Curotte's new truck completely destroyed as PKs launched an investigation. (Steve Bonspiel, The Eastern Door) If you live in the area of Bell’s Beach or Barnes Road, you were probably awoken by strange, loud popping sounds in the early morning hours last Sunday (August 25). Garyjace

Casino group vows re-start but chief has concerns

Arlene Diabo is set up in her new office on the River Road to answer questions from community members regarding the proposed casino, hotel and water park. (Steve Bonspiel, The Eastern Door) The issue of a local casino/water park/hotel is not dead, say proponents, and they sat down with The Eastern

Jesse Deer: His legacy will live on forever

(File Photo)  Kahnawake’s beloved Jesse Deer wouldn't want it any other way, even if he’s no longer with us. You have to figure he’s smiling from his perch, laughing that infectious chuckle he became known for. The Jesse Deer Memorial Media Scholarship is preparing to give away its 10th big prize of

An open letter to the Oka mayor

(Editorial by Steve Bonspiel)   Dear Pascal Quevillon, You, and by extension the village of Oka, will never win. We, the first peoples of this land, will never stop fighting for what has always been, and always will be, ours. So you may as well give up, give in, and do what’s right. Stop fighting

The local electoral system is deeply flawed

Candidates’ night exposed something in the local Indian Act electoral system that, if left unchecked, goes against the very democracy it purports to protect. When K103 Radio called the electoral officer to “ask” if either one of their two non-Native reporters would be “allowed” to cover the meeting, they were told,

Why donating your blood or time is important

Donating blood and volunteering helps the community and makes a difference in peoples lives. (File Photo) Why should you give blood? What’s the point, when so many are donating already? What difference does your arm make? Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that. First off, blood has a shelf life, so even those