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Why donating your blood or time is important

Donating blood and volunteering helps the community and makes a difference in peoples lives. (File Photo) Why should you give blood? What’s the point, when so many are donating already? What difference does your arm make? Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that. First off, blood has a shelf life, so even those

Key housing questions answered

Michael L. Rice is not impressed with how the Housing Department investigation has been conducted. (Courtesy Michael L. Rice) Michael L. Rice takes exception to the way the Housing Department fiasco has been handled up to this point, and he has some strong suggestions on what to do moving forward. Rice is

$145K missing from MCK housing department

The first report on the housing fiasco in Kahnawake was released last week with interim Housing Department director Davis Montour, MCK executive financial officer Paul Rice, council chief Carl Horn and Kevin Kennedy, MCK’s executive operations officer, fielding questions and explaining the ongoing process. (Marisela Amador, The Eastern Door) It can’t happen

Celebrating 40 years of Survival School in style

Gym teacher extraordinaire Danny Stacey made the crowd laugh and showed how much of an impact Survival School has had, as a majority of the crowd with some sort of hand in it were called to the front. (Steve Bonspiel, The Eastern Door) They came for the meat pie and they

Orange Shirt Day founder reaches out to kids

Phyllis Jack-Webstad wants to teach youth across Canada the truth about residential schools. (Courtesy Phyllis Jack-Webstad) What’s tougher than writing a residential school story for children? What do you write about? How do you frame it? What topics do you bring up? That was the issue Phyllis Jack-Webstad had with her first endeavour

Remembering the legacy of a tyrant

  John A. Macdonald. Those two words and single letter have caused quite a stir in recent months, but for Onkwehón:we, it’s old hat. We don’t like him, his so-called legacy, what he did to us and other minorities, or anything else to do with his name. We couldn’t care less about him, except

Holy sh*t B@man is f%*king funny!

If you want tons of laughs and to support local theatre, run, don't walk, to Mosher Auditorium at Howard S. Billings today or tonight! (Courtesy Kirk Elsmore) First the bad: the Mosher Auditorium at Howard S. Billings was hot as hell. Now the good: holy f*&k it was worth it! In case

Housing report promised after Labour Day

Paula Paul is worried about her credibility and her daughter, as the housing investigation continues to long course. (Steve Bonspiel, The Eastern Door) Two more irate Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Housing Department clients have come forward, both upset and angry over the ongoing fiasco. In the original housing letter Paula Paul received

Mohawk/Inuk siblings asked to leave quarry

Isaac and Akinasi Partridge questioned why they were asked to leave the quarry, despite their father being from town. (Courtesy Isaac Partridge) Twin brother and sister Isaac and Akinasi Partridge say they will be filing a formal complaint with the Kahnawake Peacekeepers after a bad situation turned to worse on a

Iroquois Nationals still a work in progress

The Creator's Game is more than just a sport for the Haudenosaunee, who know what it means to compete under their own flag and with their own passports. (Courtesy Tracy Rector) After a delay due to proudly using their own passports, the Iroquois Nationals finally made it to the big dance