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Guide wants full history of city during tours

Tour guide and history teacher Donovan King explaining the history of Montreal and Mohawk Territory, as he attempts to breath the modern air of reconciliation into an industry often trapped in the colonial past. (Courtesy Donovan King) The city of Montreal sits on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, on

People hope to have their say on pot

Jeremiah Johnson was told that he was not permitted on the Golden Age Club property to get signatures for his cease and desist order. (Lachlan Madill, The Eastern Door) For the past week, community members have had their chance to voice their opinions on the cannabis question in Kahnawake. A poll

Mohawk Council finalizes Hydro Quebec deal

The blue line represents Line 1, which will remain in operation until 2042. Line 2 and Line 2B, which are represented in orange, will be dismantled by 2022. Line 4 will be returned to reserve status and is represented by the red line. (Courtesy MCK) The Land Use and Dismantlement Agreement

Stacey talks transparency, firing

Louis Stacey former Safety and Construction manager at the Kahnawake Labor Office. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Louis Stacey was just having a laugh with his wife, but his employers at the Kahnawake Labor Office weren’t chuckling along with him after they saw his Facebook posts last week. Stacey, who was

Working a half a century in golf without swinging

President John Rolland and general manager Steve Pert surprised Kathleen McGregor with gifts for her dedication and hard work (left). McGregor (standing far right with former staff) has worked at the prestigious Kanawaki Golf Club for five decades, and now runs the Ritz at the club. Fifty years is a long

Duchesse wins Burlesque Queen in New Orleans

The recently married duchesse (sorry boys) brought her glam-goth style to the stage in sexy, spidery, acrobatic fashion and walked away queen. (Courtesy Lauren Jiles) It’s been a banner year for Lauren Jiles. She just returned to Montreal after being in New Orleans for the past two weeks. Jiles, also known

Thirty years of Kanien’kéha at Karihwanoron

Kids continue to embrace the unique style of learning offered by Karihwanoron, which is celebrating three decades of instructing young students in the community in their language. (Lachlan Madill, The Eastern Door) It’s been 30 years since the Karihwanoron School language program first started in Kahnawake. The full immersion program teaches

Keeping Kanien’kéha alive with a little help

There are a number of additional language possibilities thanks to new funding from a generous donor. (Courtesy Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer) Mohawk Council of Kahnawake grand chief Joe Norton and council chief Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer returned from Durban, South Africa last month after meeting with a software developer in the country to secure future funding for