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Hilarious accounts of a legendary stylish team

Accounts conflict over how this team faired in 1997, but there is no doubt that the broomball team from K103.7 Radio was led by Java James Jacobs’ glorious Sunice white gloves and colour block Nevica jacket. (Top row, left to right): Rita Goodleaf, Molly Skye, Joe Delaronde, Heather Bauersfeld, Blue Sky and Al Briand. (Bottom row) Regan Jacobs, Lance Delisle, Garrett Jacobs, Jay Deer, Tony Diabo, Mouchie Goodleaf and Kenneth Montour. (Sprawled across the ice on side) Java James Jacobs. (Courtesy Kahnawake Youth Center)

The teams at this year’s Winter Carnival broomball tournament have some work to do if they are to compete with the style and skill of K103.7 Radio’s 1997 team of legendary, athletes from Lance Delisle (middle row) to Regan Jacobs (far left middle row) to goalie Java James Jacobs (sprawled in what can only be described as 90s windbreaker day glow chic) to the third of three jean jacket wearers, Joe Delaronde (back row centre).

“Java’s sex pose,” said Delisle, on his teammate spreading it out for all to see.

Trying to figure out how the team did resulted in a sports mystery for the ages. Each interview subject couldn’t quite remember what happened the year Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off, Princess Diana died and Titanic blew box offices away.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t remember. That was 23 years ago,” said Garrett Jacobs, the youngest in the pic in the Canadiens’ sweatshirt.

First mystery: Java’s skill between the pipes.

“Java played nets spectacularly,” said Mouchie Goodleaf.

Then there’s this take.

“He didn’t even make one shift,” said Delaronde, who says he was the one who played between the pipes.

“Java Jacobs broke his knee cap at that event,” Delaronde added. “You’re only allowed X amount of players on the ice at the time, and he came racing off the bench, and the ball was at the other end of the rink, the opposite end, he went way too fast and went headlong into the friggin’ boards and hit his knee cap. He was in a cast for weeks. I remember it well.”

Java had no idea how the team did that particular year, but sure remembers the injury.

“I was out of commission with a cast for about six months and then a brace for probably another six months. It was absolutely awful,” he said.

Then came the final game. No one seems to remember how this tournament ended. Though chocked full of talent the likes of which any broomball team would be salivating to nab, the team failed to take any silverware home.

“We never won it all,” said Delaronde.

“We didn’t win anything,” said Goodleaf, who said he assisted on a game-winning goal for OTT over the youth centre and still bears a grudge that his team never got a trophy.

“We should’ve emptied the benches,” said Goodleaf. “And that was the recreational broomball.”

“I think we made it to the finals that year,” said Java. “I’m pretty sure we got blown out by the KYC.”

Perhaps Lance Delisle had the best take on the team.

“Al Briand was our ringer, so, you know, we lost,” he said.

Delaronde had a take on why K103 couldn’t win it all.

“Nobody ever told us there was such a thing as broomball shoes,” said Delaronde. “We always got slaughtered because everybody was slip sliding and the other team always seemed able to make a couple of moves on us. We didn’t know. We just showed up in our running shoes and boots.”

They may not have had the proper shoes, but they knew a thing or two about style.

“Joe Delaronde! That jean jacket though!” said Regan Jacobs on the impressive denim look courtesy of the station.

And the bandana to match the denim?

“For years!” said Lance Delisle when asked how long he pulled the look off for.

Java opted to go a different way, and set his own style guide.

“Suffering Jesus! Those gloves are beautiful,” said Java. “That jacket was a Nevica ski jacket. Top notch stuff.”

“He borrowed my gloves I think,” said Delaronde.

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