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A pair of Mikinaks attempt fraudulent purchases

In two days, PKs intercepted two separate purchases by individuals using Mikinak cards to skirt tax obligations. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door)

Twice in two days, Kahnawake Peacekeepers intercepted attempted purchases using Mikinak cards that resulted in pending fraud charges.

May 11, a sales representative from Vision Automobile Chevrolet, Buick, GMC arrived at the PK station with a boat, according to a PK report.

The rep spoke to officer Walter Montour, who in turn spoke to the boat’s purchaser in possession of a Mikinak card and a copy of Certificate of Indian Origin. As neither document is recognized by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Montour told the two men that the sale was invalid, and the seller would need to void the contract, and fax the station a new bill of sale. The card and the certificate were seized and the boat was taken back to Delson.

Montour filed a fraud report.

The next day, officer Jennifer Stacey was leaving the station at 11:38 a.m. when she noticed a Chrysler Pacifica on the back of a delivery truck. The truck driver asked Stacey where the “Hotel de Ville” was, according to the report. Stacey asked the driver who the delivery was for, and he did not know. Stacey called the general manager of the Rive-Sud Chrysler Dodge dealer in Brossard, who informed the officer the vehicle was sold to an unidentified man with a Mikinak card. Stacey advised the manager that Mikinak cards cannot be used to claim tax exemption and ordered the vehicle returned to the dealer. Stacey asked for the card to be sent to the station along with a copy of the voided sale and a new bill of sale including taxes.

Stacey is awaiting the copies, and filed a report for fraud.

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