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Stacey talks transparency, firing

Louis Stacey former Safety and Construction manager at the Kahnawake Labor Office. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Louis Stacey was just having a laugh with his wife, but his employers at the Kahnawake Labor Office weren’t chuckling along with him after they saw his Facebook posts last week. Stacey, who was

Working a half a century in golf without swinging

President John Rolland and general manager Steve Pert surprised Kathleen McGregor with gifts for her dedication and hard work (left). McGregor (standing far right with former staff) has worked at the prestigious Kanawaki Golf Club for five decades, and now runs the Ritz at the club. Fifty years is a long

Two young scholars latest health award winners

The 2018 recipients of the George and Tillie Cramer Scholarship: Kahteraks Goodleaf (left) and Erin Patton (right). (Tehosterihens Deer, The Eastern Door) The Kateri Memorial Foundation held the annual George and Tillie Cramer Scholarship presentation Tuesday and this year’s recipients are Erin Patton and Kahteraks Goodleaf. The award goes to a woman

Family man and fighter for the average Joe passes

Kahnawake was shocked and saddened to hear the news that long-serving Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chief Martin Leborgne passed away Tuesday night, leaving a large void for those who knew him. (Courtesy the Leborgne family) Tuesday night, news spread that former Mohawk Council of Kahnawake chief Martin Leborgne had died. Leborgne fell

Two communities planning for cannabis future

Loraine White (business development and legal council) and Lewis Mitchell (president) let out a huge sigh of relief when the federal approval of their cannabis production facility finally came through, making the Seven Leaf proprietors the first Onkwehón:we entrepreneurs to do so in the country. (Courtesy Seven Leaf) Those who attended

$145K missing from MCK housing department

The first report on the housing fiasco in Kahnawake was released last week with interim Housing Department director Davis Montour, MCK executive financial officer Paul Rice, council chief Carl Horn and Kevin Kennedy, MCK’s executive operations officer, fielding questions and explaining the ongoing process. (Marisela Amador, The Eastern Door) It can’t happen

Pot meeting ends in call for referendum

The head table at the recent CDMP meeting on cannabis legislation took heated questions all night last Tuesday regarding the legislation's classification and council's role in the industry. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) By 8:30 p.m., Mohawk Council of Kahnawake lawyer Murray Marshall’s summary of the Kahnawake Cannabis Control Law

Fancy dancer in silver reconciling the solitudes

The Canadian Mint unveiled a new collector coin Friday at the McGill Pow Wow featuring the fancy dancer design of Akwesanse artist Garrison Garrow. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Akwesasne artist Garrison Garrow is well aware his work on the tail side of a Royal Canadian Mint collector coin does

Duchesse wins Burlesque Queen in New Orleans

The recently married duchesse (sorry boys) brought her glam-goth style to the stage in sexy, spidery, acrobatic fashion and walked away queen. (Courtesy Lauren Jiles) It’s been a banner year for Lauren Jiles. She just returned to Montreal after being in New Orleans for the past two weeks. Jiles, also known

The long trail from seed to weed to market

James Stacey and Thomas Lahache are at the forefront of cannabis production in Quebec, and hope to bring their knowledge home to Kahnawake, and help develop the community's cannabis industry. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) If all goes to plan, the RoyalMax Biotechnology and Sublime Culture medical marijuana facility will