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Guatemala experience opens two girls’ eyes

The girls from Trafalgar School and Kuper Academy bucked the trend of taking spring break on a beach and did something that gave them a broader understanding of other people, their culture and how they live their daily lives. (Courtesy Sabrina Diabo) How did you spend your Spring Break? Cuba? Disney World?

Business insurance a must, says fire brigade chief

A fire ripped through Plaza 138 January 12, completely destroying several local businesses. While firefighters from the Kahnawake Fire Brigade worked to quell the raging flames, surrounding departments (joined by a mutual aid agreement) helped deal with the situation. When the ashes had died, another fire arose. “Since we’ve joined the mutual

Associate principal announces his departure

Kanen’tó:kon Hemlock resigned as associate principal at Kahnawake Survival School. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Two years is all it took for Kanen’tó:kon Hemlock to realize his place was in the classroom, and not administration. Hemlock decided to resign as associate principal at Kahnawake Survival School at the end of the

Leaving a legacy others looked up to

Red O’Brien (bottom left) knew, like the ironworkers of the day, that the job required hard work, and the fun would happen when the clock said so. Also in the picture are Alan Paul (top left), Harold Horn (middle top), Tommy Rice (bottom centre), and Efren Muldinado. (Courtesy Mike O’Brien) When

From a broken ankle to a full heart and a puppy

Amanda-Lee Phillips (right) married Acacia Prophet on October 15, 2016 on the balcony of Xavier's Steak and Wine in front of nearly 100 family members and friends. (Courtesy Natalie Palmer Photography) Want to see if the person you started dating is for real? Do one simple thing: break your ankle, and see

Rapids gives Deer women place to work and run

Rapids Convenience and Carwash now occupies the old Robertson’s Convenience, and is part of the growing list of businesses by the entrepreneurial Deer family. (Daniel J. Rowe The Eastern Door) A convenience store and carwash are perhaps not the most natural next business venture for someone steeped in the construction industry,

McGill panel honours International Women’s Day

Women in International Security Canada executive director Dr. Cassandra Steer (left) hosted intergenerational panel of Inuk Nina Segalowitz, Kanienkehá:ka Ellen Gabriel, and Cree Maïtée Labrecque-Saganash. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) Wednesday was International Women’s Day and McGill University’s faculty of law celebrated the day by hosting a documentary and panel

Suspected gas dumped into sewer

After flushing the storm drain with water, the suspected gas that was dumped in the sewer dissipated leaving the houses effected by the smell safe and comfortable. (courtesy Karihwakátste Deer) Last Friday night, OSHA Road resident Karihwakátste Deer noticed a strong gas smell in her house, and jumped into action immediately. “I left

Former landfill coordinator goes to prison

Ronald Jacobs (centre with arms crossed) began serving a one-year jail term for fraud last Friday, while his nephew pled guilty on the same day, and will be back in court for a sentencing hearing in May. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) After a full day of negotiations between opposing

Take me back to that Dirty Old Town, Brendt Thomas Diabo

Country/Rockabilly singer/songwriter Brendt Thomas Diabo went home to find tracks for his new EP, now available to buy. (Courtesy Brendt Thomas Diabo) The lead guitar has the classic scratch and twang of golden age blues masters, the slide guitar smoothly sings along, and Brendt Thomas Diabo’s now familiar melodic voice sings