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In flip flopping weather, reach for tried and true

The Stetson had me covered at a chilly rodeo in Grande Prairie. (Daniel J. Rowe The Eastern Door) By: Stephanie EM Coleman, The Eastern Door Fashion Filosopher Hot then cold, cold then hot, stormy then not - what will it be? Are we or aren’t we? Do you ever feel like spring’s just toying

Winter Carnival 2017: Bring on the snow!

When winter and February collide it can mean only one thing: Winter Carnival! (Jessica Deer, The Eastern Door.) Curriculum sale Kanien’kéha enthusiasts flocked to the always popuar annual curriculum sale at the Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center to pick up the latest language manuals, new BINGO cards, video products, and maybe a

The beginning of The Eastern Door

By: Kenneth Deer, Special to The Eastern Door When asked to write about the beginnings of The Eastern Door, it was harder to write than I realized when I accepted. Twenty-five years ago is like another life. So much has happened since January 31, 1992, that it was difficult to remember all the

What your cocktail says about your style

Step into character with a white russian. (Courtesy Stephanie E.M. Coleman) By: Stephanie E.M. Coleman, The Eastern Door’s Fashion Filosopher “Can I grab you a beer?” asks the host of the Christmas party you’re attending. “No thanks, it really doesn’t go with my outfit,” you reply. She gives you an odd look. “uuhhhhhh… wine?…then?” “Hull-o! Isn’t it obvious?” You

Your holiday pigskin guide to college football

By: Joseph Czikk, The Eastern Door It’s that time again. The eggnog will be flowing, the Christmas classics are on TV and annoying family visit too often. But there’s one thing that can save you: the abundance of college football on TV. Here’s The Eastern Door’s holiday guide to college football. Our categories

Pipeline route halted – for now

By: Paul Graif , The Eastern Door Konwenni Jacobs is considered a veteran at Standing Rock, North Dakota. She’s been there for the last six weeks, this being her third trip from her home in Kahnawake. So she took last Sunday’s announcement  - that the US Army Corps of Engineers would look at other

Give your feet a warm hug this holiday season

Snugly hug your feet in merino wool socks. (Stephanie EM Coleman, The Eastern Door) By: Stephanie EM Coleman, The Eastern Door’s Fashion Diva I’m a little foggy on when it all started. Was it 10 years ago? 15? Was it when my siblings and I all left the province where we grew up? At some point in

The Nature Boy Podcast set to launch

Gary Beauvais, The Eastern Door’s Garden Guru Coming soon to a podcast near you, The Nature Boy Show. This podcast will be about gardening, nature and cooking. From garden and forest to your kitchen table. A podcast is an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set up so that new episodes

Indigenous Comic Con is first of its nerdy kind

By Darian Jacobs, The Eastern Door Indiginerds flocked to Albuquerque, New Mexico two Fridays ago, for the first ever Indigenous Comic Con. Based at the National Hispanic Cultural Center the con was split between two buildings that were filled with people and activities. Live music, screenings, artist alleys, panels, a gaming room and

Art show in Montreal straddles multiple realities

Rebecca Bellmore became the first Native artist to represent North America at the Venice Biennale, and her "Mixed Blessing" sculpture is currently on display at Art Mur in Montreal. (Daniel J. Rowe The Eastern Door) By: Stephanie E.M. Coleman, The Eastern Door's fashion diva So what if I told you that last weekend