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Mohawks and mohawks at ’77 Montreal festival

Eastern Door reporters Jessica Deer and Daniel J. Rowe did not really blend in with the denim vest-wearing and mohawk-sporting sea of crusties both young

Half dozen years, half dozen filmmakers: tonight

Jarrett Teiotsi’tsathe Jacobs’ work will make its grand debut at tonight’s Eastern Connection Film Festival at the Host. He is among the half-dozen talented local


The benefits of being home for the school year

By: Tahotharatie Diabo, The Eastern Door’s Heads Up Honcho Since I was young my mother has taught me everything I know, from reading to writing to math

Was it an AFN assembly or a Liberal party meeting?

By: Russell Diabo, Special to The Eastern Door The Assembly of First Nations just held its 38th Annual Assembly in Regina, Saskatchewan two weeks ago, with reportedly about