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Two films draw historical, physical trauma

From left to right, directors Roxann Whitebean and Courtney Montour debuted two short films at Black Bridge Brewing Co. in Kahnawake Wednesday, which included rising acting stars Keena and Thunderblanket Kitigan Zibi actress Shaynah Decontie. (Daniel J. Rowe, The Eastern Door) One film depicted the trauma caused to a community by an incision through the centre and soul of its

New Constellations crew to hit Montreal tonight

Jason Collett of Broken Social Scene wanted to take his Basement Review literary/music jams out of Toronto and across the country in an ambitious attempt


The benefits of being home for the school year

By: Tahotharatie Diabo, The Eastern Door’s Heads Up Honcho Since I was young my mother has taught me everything I know, from reading to writing to math

Was it an AFN assembly or a Liberal party meeting?

By: Russell Diabo, Special to The Eastern Door The Assembly of First Nations just held its 38th Annual Assembly in Regina, Saskatchewan two weeks ago, with reportedly about